Contact the Communications team

If you are a member of the media on deadline, please contact or Gabriela Gomez at (202) 776-1732.

Our Communications team works with the news media and digital platforms to inform the public in order to strengthen UnidosUS's research, program, policy analysis, and advocacy efforts on issues that are important to the U.S. Latino community.

Our team

Zandra Zuno Baermann
Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Media relations

Camila Gallardo
Assistant Director,
(305) 762-9313

Gabriela Gomez
Media Relations Specialist
(202) 776-1732

Gabriela Montell
Communications Manager
(202) 776-1768

Digital and web

David Castro
Director of Content Development
(202) 776-1769

Julienne Gage
Senior Web Content Manager
(305) 527-0504

Vanessa Hanson
Social Media Manager
(202) 776-1771

Jonathan Marrero
Director of Marketing
(202) 776-1814

John Marth
Senior Content Specialist
(312) 767-6910

Elnatan Melaku
(202) 776-1475

Stephanie Presch
Content Specialist
(202) 776-1566

Gabriel Torres
Digital Marketing Coordinator
(202) 776-1714