Media Guide

Rita Carreón

Deputy Vice President, Health

Health care disparities, health equity, and health literacy; chronic care and prevention; health insurance and health policy; quality and health program development and implementation


Certified Health Insurance Executive, AHIP’s Executive Leadership Program, Northwestern University; postgraduate certificate, health care administration; bachelor’s degree, community and school health, California State University, Long Beach

Current Position:
Oversight of the organization’s Institute for Hispanic Health (IHH), which is dedicated to reducing the incidence, burden, and impact of health problems on Latinos. IHH works in close partnership with UnidosUS Affiliates, government partners, private funders, and other Latino-serving organizations to deliver quality health interventions.

Previous Position(s):
Vice President, Clinical Strategies and Health Care Equity at America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP); National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. 

Selected Publications:

Collection of Data on Race/Ethnicity and Language Proficiency of Providers,”coauthored withGerman Veselovskiy and David R. Nerenz, American Journal of Managed Care (2013)

Race, ethnicity, and language data collection by health plans: Findings from 2010 AHIPF-RWJF survey,” coauthored withGerman Veselovskiy and David R. Nerenz, Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved (November 2013)

Exploring Health Plan Perspectives in Collecting and Using Data on Race, Ethnicity and Language,” coauthored with Julie Gazmararian, Barbara Lardy, and Nicole Olson, American Journal of Managed Care (2012)

Collection and use of member language data by health plans,” coauthored with Jose J. Escarce, German Veselovskiy, and Elisa H. Lawson, American Journal of Managed (2011) 

Collection of race and ethnicity data by health plans has grown substantially, but opportunities remain to expand efforts,” coauthored with Jose J. Escarce, German Veselovskiy, and Elisa H. Lawson, Health Affairs(October 2011)

The Development of a Health Literacy Assessment Tool for Health Plans,” coauthored with Julie A. Gazmararian, Katherine Beditz, and Susan Pisano, Journal of Health Communications (2010)

Readiness of US health plans to manage cardiometabolic risk,” coauthored with Thomas E. Kottke, Courtney O. Jordan, Patrick J. O’Connor, Nicolaas P. Pronk, Prev Chronic Disease (2009)