News Release

NCLR Ramps Up Latino Vote 2016 Campaign in the Sunshine State

Community canvassing underway in South and Central Florida to help thousands of eligible Latinos become voters

April 7, 2016

Camila Gallardo
(305) 215-4259

MIAMI—Today, at its Florida Regional Office in Miami, NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía was joined by NCLR Affiliates and local elected officials to formally launch NCLR’s ground effort to register eligible Latino voters. The campaign builds on NCLR’s 35-year track record in policy advocacy campaigns at the federal and state levels, and a decade in the electoral arena registering more than 500,000 voters. In 2012, the organization ran the largest nonpartisan voter registration campaign in Florida, registering 55,987 in communities in Central and South Florida.

“Few states will play as important a role in this year’s election as Florida, and few constituencies will be as key as the growing Hispanic vote in the Sunshine State. Our job as a nonpartisan voter engagement organization is to make sure as many of these voters as possible—especially young Latinos—register and go to the polls in November. Our participation will make a difference not only in the presidential race but in critically important state and local races as well. The future well-being of our community depends on the strength and power of our voice,” stated Murguía.

Florida has the nation’s third-largest Hispanic population in the nation with almost five million Latinos. According to the Florida Division of Elections, of the 2.6 million Latinos who are citizens of voting age, 800,000 still need to register.

“Florida’s Hispanic population has grown significantly in the past several election cycles, but despite this growth in numbers of eligible voters, many Hispanics who are eligible have yet to register. That is why I’m happy to be here today to support the launch of NCLR’s nonpartisan on-the-ground campaign to get more of our community involved in the process,” said State Representative Jose Felix Diaz.

NCLR’s efforts to increase the Latino electorate in Florida include teams of trained, bilingual canvassers, many with years of community outreach experience who are ready to help prospective voters navigate the registration process. Studies have shown that person-to-person contact is one of the most effective methods to help those who are eligible to register to vote.

“I’m pleased to join with NCLR today to launch an important campaign that will increase Hispanic civic participation. We play a critical role in weaving the social fabric of Floridian communities like the one I represent in Doral, and that is why it is crucial we make our voices heard through the power of our vote. I urge all those eligible in our communities to take advantage of nonpartisan assistance like the one NCLR is providing to help you register to vote in the upcoming elections,” said City of Doral Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz.

NCLR is growing Latino participation with both proven traditional methods and innovative tactics. Its Latinos Vote 2016 campaign is reaching prospective voters in person through multistate community canvassing, Affiliates, service providers and small businesses. Online, the groundbreaking Latinos Vote app and web tool put registration at users’ fingertips and allow them to help others register just by sharing their phones. In schools, a newly developed high school democracy project provides an easy curriculum to help schools register their eligible high school seniors. NCLR also continues to engage potential voters with proven methods such as issue education and engagement and collaborations with media partners.

“At the Mexican American Council we strive to help young people achieve a brighter future while becoming more engaged in their communities and in civic life. We are excited to join NCLR today to help promote voter registration and turnout within our Latino communities throughout Florida, particularly among young Latinos in our community who have so much at stake this November,” said Maria Garza, President, Mexican-American Council.

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