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Impact of Puerto Rican Economic Crisis, Migration to Mainland Addressed at NCLR Annual Conference

July 23, 2016

Camila Gallardo
NCLR Press Office in Orlando:
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West Concourse, W230A

ORLANDO, Fla.—The 2016 NCLR Annual Conference will host thousands of Latinos at the Orange County Convention Center for a four-day program packed with workshops, town halls, and signature events. Each session aims to empower Latinos with information and opportunities to exchange ideas on a range of issues including health care, education, immigration, the economy, and the Latino vote, among many others. Within the last year, the Puerto Rican economic crisis has been an issue much debated in Congress, which recently passed a bill to help Puerto Rico take its first steps out of an economic crisis that had severe humanitarian consequences for the island’s residents. Orlando, home to a large number of Puerto Rican families, has experienced a surge in migration from the island as families seek better opportunities.

Through various panel discussions and interactive sessions, participants will have the opportunity to explore the impact of the crisis and the outlook for change. The sessions include:


Saturday, July 23, 2016
9–10:30 a.m.

One Million in Florida: The Impact and Influence of Puerto Rican Migration
Room W232B
Join us for a timely discussion related to two new reports on Puerto Rican migration to Florida. Learn about who is moving to Florida, what Puerto Rican migrants face when they arrive, and how the now 1 million Puerto Ricans in Florida will shape the economic and political future of one of the nation’s key states.

Maria Padilla, Founder and Editor, Orlando Latino

Dr. Elizabeth Aranda, University of South Florida
Rafael Collazo, Campaign Political Director, NCLR
Dr. Héctor Cordero-Guzmán, Baruch College/The Grad Center
Dr. Jorge Duany, Florida International University


Saturday, July 23, 2016
11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Special Session
Addressing Puerto Rico’s Economic Challenges: Where Do We Go from Here?
Room W230CD
This conversation will focus on what is ahead for Puerto Rico and discuss ways to strengthen its economy. Speakers will share perspectives on PROMESA, the recent bipartisan bill signed into law by President Obama, and other strategies to support economic growth. In this workshop, hear from economic experts about ways to stimulate Puerto Rico’s economy and create long-term economic growth. Members of the administration will discuss implementing PROMESA.

Opening Remarks
Miguel Soto Class, President, Center for a New Economy, Puerto Rico

Melissa Zayas Moreno, InfoMas Reporter, Orlando, FL

Dr. Barry Bosworth, Senior Fellow, Brookings
Dr. Maria Enchautegui, Economist, University of Puerto Rico
Jason Miller, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council (NEC) in the White House
Frederick Pfaeffle Arana, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Sunday, July 24, 2016
9–10:30 a.m.

The Implications of Puerto Rican Migration for the Nonprofit, Public and Private Sectors
Room W230CD
The migration of a significant number of families from Puerto Rico to central Florida in recent years has particular implications for organizations and local government. Affiliates and other NCLR partners have identified the need to plan for and provide culturally appropriate services and identify new strategies to ensure the integration of families and equitable access to social, educational, health, economic and other opportunities. Panelists will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the public, private and nonprofit sectors as cities integrate new communities, as well as hear about successful efforts and strategies that will help Florida and other states better serve the Latino community.

Celena Roldán, Chief Executive Officer, American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois and NCLR Board Member

Alvin R. Cruz, Neighborhood Services Program Manager, Orange County Government
Marucci Guzman, Executive Director, Latino Leadership
Viviana Janer, Chairwoman of the Board, Osceloa County Commission
Victor Leandry, Executive Director, El Centro


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