Financial Empowerment Program Specialist

The Financial Empowerment Program Specialist is responsible for implementing one of the key programs within the UnidosUS Housing and Financial Empowerment component. The Financial Empowerment Network (FEN) is an initiative that mobilizes UnidosUS Affiliates that are service providers in their communities to become channels through which low- and moderate-income Latinos can access culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate financial coaching services. By opening these new channels, the FEN will help hundreds of people a year access this essential service and make meaningful changes in their financial lives, supporting thousands more to take steps on their own to improve their financial well-being, and educating tens of thousands in the process.

The Program Specialist’s responsibilities revolve around supporting a national portfolio of the Affiliates participating in the project and managing a small portfolio of Affiliates engaged in housing counseling initiatives within the FEN. Additionally, the Program Specialist will be expected to collaborate with the Financial Empowerment Program Manager and the Financial Empowerment team to achieve the goals of the project. The Financial Empowerment Program Specialist will be directed on a day-to-day basis by the Financial Empowerment Program Manager. This person will report to the Financial Empowerment Program Manager and will be based in Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, Arizona; or Washington, DC.

Essential Functions

  • Support a portfolio of Affiliates to successfully perform in the FEN through capacity-building, training, and technical assistance. These services will be provided through in-person meetings and site visits, regular phone calls, and facilitation of group convenings.
  • Liaise between the UnidosUS Counseling Connection team members and the Affiliates in the FEN, optimizing the collaboration, troubleshooting problems that arise, and ensuring successful adherence to the FEN’s established processes, which could include modifying processes and creating new ones where needed.
  • Manage portfolio activities to include submitting invoices and tracking budgets, creating and analyzing reports to measure performance, driving strategic planning conversations, working as a liaison between Affiliates and UnidosUS leadership, and providing feedback and suggestions to the Financial Empowerment Program Manager.
  • Train Affiliates on the FEN’s data platform and client management system, Change Machine, and support their successful use of the system to track client progress and program performance.
  • Conduct quality control work to ensure the effective use of Change Machine and the adherence to FEN processes among Affiliate partners and the UnidosUS Counseling Connection team.
  • Synthesize and communicate their experiences with the FEN team to ensure ongoing improvements to the model.
  • Develop and deliver training regularly, including to new Affiliates joining the program, and to Affiliates and other organizations on financial empowerment subjects of increasing specificity over time.
  • Use standardized practices and systems of the FEN to ensure that Affiliates are achieving the quality standards that UnidosUS expects.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required, or five (5) years of increasing responsibility in financial capability, housing counseling services with program or project management experience.
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of relevant experience in the field of financial empowerment, housing services, asset building services, housing counseling knowledge, or a related field is highly preferred.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of relevant experience in direct service provision is required, or prior experience as a financial coach or housing counselor is preferred.
  • Demonstrated prior experience as a trainer, particularly through web-based and remote forums.
  • Experience using data to assess a program’s performance preferred. Knowledge of SalesForce and Quickbase are preferred.
  • Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite more specifically, Office 365.