See what Unidos US means to you

Last week in Phoenix we announced a new era in our organization’s history. As we continue to create opportunities for Latinos, we will be guided by our nearly 50 years of heritage—a rich legacy that has made a difference in this country.

We also asked what does UnidosUS mean to you, and below are some of your comments. We thank you for your commitment to a stronger, more unidos United States. Note: Comments have been edited for clarity and length.

We are UnidosUS

"Unidos means to me that we Latinos are together—that we as a people have survived in spite of how difficult it has been made for us for so long but we are not quitters and even though we have been knocked down, we still get up and continue the fight."
"I believe that UNIDOS US is a terrific name and it pictures what you and we are all about: Being Together for a Common Cause!"
"I love the new name and what it stands for! NCLR has been uniting the community stronger than ever regarding organizational support/empowerment and advocating for policy change. This shows the world that NCLR is not an entity by itself but that we are all NCLR and NCLR is us, UNIDOS."
"I don't think you all are leaving 'raza' or 'our gente' or 'cultura' behind, either. I like it because we have to find more ways to connect and bring people together."
"UnidosUS sounds great as long as the main focus and the priorities on our Raza/Latino population is not lost."

While this name change was born from a three-year process during which we extensively consulted our Latino community, we recognize that not everyone will agree with the change.

We thank everyone for the honest feedback. And we assure you that our focus and mission remain the same: to build a stronger America by creating opportunities for Latinos.

Our new name reflects our history of engagement with all members of the Latino community no matter their background. It’s also an outstretched hand to other communities and all those who share our commitment to a stronger, more unido United States.

All of this is a part of our heritage, and we will continue working with all of you to build upon this rich legacy.

We encourage you to keep checking our website and social media platforms for more news and details about our upcoming work.