We urgently need policies that will help families stay afloat no matter the immediate emergency.

Responding to the Coronavirus pandemic

We urgently need policies that will help families stay afloat no matter the immediate emergency.

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  • We call on Congress to ensure that emergency paid leave is available for all those affected by the outbreak.
  • We call for economic relief to all workers, including gig and nonprofit workers, who can show hours have been cut back due to the Corona Paid leave policies should protect workers so that taking time to care for loved ones or to recover from illness does not mean losing their jobs. 
  • We support direct emergency cash payments to people during this crisis and advocate that low- to moderate-income families receive more substantial amounts.
  • We call for permanently expanding the State Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit
  • UnidosUS calls for Congress to enact a six-month moratorium on new foreclosures on federally backed mortgages, as well as a halt to current foreclosures.  
  • Congress should demand mortgage lenders provide a minimum six-month forbearance on payments, during which no fees or interest will accrue and with no hit to borrowers’ credit rating. This “opt-in” process should be easy and avoid requiring burdensome forbearance requests. Congress should also require lenders to consider loan modifications at no cost and with no penalties for borrowers who have a permanent decline in income.
  • A fund should be established by and deployed through trusted community-based non-profits to assist people with paying rent. Small (1-4 unit) landlords should be offered a full tax credit for any missed rental payments because of the crisis. Congress should also institute a nationwide six-month moratorium (at least) on evictions, allowing state and local governments to extend this timeline if they need to. 
  • All consumer lenders should provide up to 6 months of payment relief, with no interest or fees accruing during this time and no adverse credit reporting. Terms of the loans should be extended by 6 months. Lenders should make the process easy and “opt-in” and not require burdensome forbearance requests.  
  • We call for expanded Emergency Unemployment Compensation that would support Latino workers facing extended periods of unemployment.  
  • We call for the establishment of a temporary small business loan program to offer interest-free loans to small businesses to offset revenue shortfalls.  

Read the CARES Act Brief: Economic Security & Latinos.


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