Join the fight to reform the criminal justice system in California.


In California, people who pose no threat to society are being kept in jail because they cannot afford bail. This sets off a domino effect that impacts all Californians—people lose their jobs because they’re forced to miss work, taxpayers spend millions unnecessarily, and families and communities are torn apart.    

This is especially true for Latinos, who have higher bails and are jailed at higher rates than their White counterparts. On average, Latinos pay $25,000 more in bail and only one out of every three Latinos will be able to afford it.  

Working people, Latinos, and Californians are losing—while private insurances and bail bond agencies who profit off high bails win.

Senate Bill 10 would change this by: 

- Prioritizing community safety
- Regulating risk assessment tools
- Increasing transparency in the justice system
- Increasing public safety
- Saving hard-earned taxpayer dollars

Now is the time to reform the criminal justice system in California. Already, Governor Jerry Brown and Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye have publicly committed to support Senate Bill 10.

All we need is you. Join the fight to make sure that all Latinos and Californians are given a fair and equal opportunity.

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