Timeline: Trump's first 100 days

Trump's first 100 days have been an all-out assault on Latinos

One thing has been consistent amid the Trump administration’s daily flip-flopping in its first 100 days: the relentless assault on Latinos. 

Throughout our history we have praised or called out policies of administrations from both parties based on their impact on the Latino community and our country. That is our guiding principle.

In that spirit, we must stand against this administration’s agenda that threatens to eliminate the progress Latinos have made:

Trump's first 100 days

We have fought back at every step, and will continue to protect and defend our community.

  • We continue to stand against ripping apart hardworking American families like that of Fatima and Yuleni Avelica, who have spent two months without their father. Or that of Rose Escobar, whose husband was deported to El Salvador as he was complying with his annual check-in with immigration authorities.
  • We activated our Action Network to call on representatives to fight against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This opposition forced the Republicans to retire their planned ACA overhaul.
  • We will continue to hold Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education accountable for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act as passed. We are working with parents, educators, and administrators in states to ensure that all children in America can receive a quality education.
  • We are providing our Affiliates and advocates with useful tools to ensure that our community knows the rights we all have living in this country.
  • We will continue to push back against Trump’s deportation agenda. His call for 15,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agents is an unnecessary and wasteful expenditure—the United States already spends more on immigration enforcement than on all other federal law enforcement combined.
  • We will continue to work to expand opportunities for all Americans. Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit would help 7.5 million people—including about 1.7 million Latinos. We will defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has protected millions of consumers from risky financial products.

We and our network of more than 260 Affiliate organizations across the country are advocating for common sense solutions to our country’s challenges and working to protect and defend our community by holding our elected leaders accountable.

We won’t let these past 100 days or the next 1000 define who we are as a country, or deter us from our commitment to expand opportunities so that all who work hard can realize the American Dream.