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Lifting Our Children Out of Poverty

While we’re hopeful that we have moved past the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that Latino families continue to endure its devastating and disproportionate effects.

Your investment at work

Leading by Example

Rosie Rios: Community Builder & UnidosUS Donor

From running an investment management consulting firm, to running the U.S. Treasury, to being the proud mom of two young adults, and myriad roles in between, Rosie Rios brings a deep commitment to her mission of community-building.

Rosie Rios

From Our President & CEO

¡Felices Fiestas!

As we come to the close of 2021, I hope you and yours are well. It’s hard to believe this year is almost over. It felt like a whirlwind of challenges, and I know many of you, like the UnidosUS team, have barely had a moment to take a breath.

Message from CEO and President Janet Murguia

In Your Community

Bringing COVID-19 vaccines information directly into Latino neighborhoods

UnidosUS set a goal to raise $15 million for our Esperanza Hope for All Campaign (EHFA) by the end of 2021. We’re thrilled to report that we’ve met 78% of our goal, $11,753,000, thanks to your commitment to the campaign’s objectives: to mitigate the health, economic, and education implications of COVID-19 for Latinos.

Esperanza Hope For All Mobile Tour

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