La Historia Uncovered

Virtual Event

Tuesday, November 9th | Online

“La Historia Uncovered” is a series of inspiring, thought-provoking conversations created and hosted by bestselling author Julissa Arce.

The series will feature guest professors, experts, and activists that will strengthen our knowledge of the deep roots and history of our community in the United States. In season 2, proudly brought to you by UnidosUS, Julissa will explore the roots of immigration laws, voting rights, and the movement against teaching truthful American history. Our expert guests will share how these laws are still impacting our community, and what we can do to fight back.

November 9 
The History Against Truthful History With University of California, Berkeley Law Professor, Ian Haney López

A conversation with critical race theory scholars. In this conversation, we will explore the fight against teaching truthful American history and how those efforts have shaped and impacted Latinos learning our own history. 

December 7 
The Racist History of Immigration Laws With Unidos Senior Cabinet Advisor, Charles Kamasaki  

An exclusive conversation with UnidosUS Senior Cabinet Advisor Charles Kamasaki about how race, more than any other factor, has driven the U.S. immigration laws. Those policies continue to have an outsized impact on Latino communities today. Together, we will discuss what we can do to create an immigration system based on humanity. 

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Episode 1: The History of Voting Rights in Latino Communities With University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service Dean, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

UnidosUS is pleased to have partnered with Julissa for the second season of her “La Historia Uncovered” table talks where the panelists aim to explain historical policies to how their legacies continue to affect Latinos today.  

The first episode took place on Tuesday, October 12 and focused on how voter suppression has been systematically harming the opportunity for an equal right to vote in communities of color. 

We encourage you share thehistory of voter suppression laws and how Latinos have fought to protect our right to cast a ballot by  sharing the below resources.

The fight for civil rights and racial equity is at the heart of everything UnidosUS does. As we dismantle racism, we’re committed to showing all Americans what structural racism is and what we can all do to end it.  

For more resources, please visit our Civil Rights and Racial Equity page.

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