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Working for greater progress for Latinos in the Golden State

In a new report, we examine the factors that are helping and hurting the economic security of Latinos in California

As California goes, so goes the nation. This saying continues to be true today, and is of particular resonance when dealing with the economic well-being of the Latino community.

There are over 15 million Latinos living in California and two in every five Californians identify as Latino, making it the state with the largest Hispanic population. This community has made tremendous strides and contributes daily to the state’s economy, which is one of the largest in the world.

But today, Latino families in California face a mixed picture of progress, setbacks, and stalled growth with respect to issues related to their pocketbooks. And hard work alone is not enough to support the economic security of Latinos as they struggle to recover from the Great Recession.

Latinos in the Golden State | NCLROur new report, “Latinos in the Golden State: An Analysis of Economic and Demographic Trends,” examines the status of Latinos across a range of indicators in California to see what trends are helping or hindering their economic security. We also look at the sentiment of Latino registered voters as captured in a recent NCLR–Latino Decisions poll. The report also outlines our recommendations for state and federal policies to support the economic security of Latinos in California.

Our hope is that this data will inform policymakers, the media, and the general public of the importance of policies that can move Latinos and all Americans in California to achieve greater economic security.