Poll reveals economic priorities of Latino voters

The next presidential election is only a year away, and since Latinos are an increasingly influential group of voters, we felt the need to get a sense of how our community feels about vital issues for the country. We polled more than a thousand Latino voters on their political priorities and the results suggest Latinos have their eyes focused on the economy.

The poll—administered by Latino Decisions—finds that Latinos prioritize economic issues equally with immigration, proving what many politicians who ignore the Latino vote fail to realize: Latinos are not single-issue voters. On Election Day, Latinos are most likely to back candidates who have promoted equality and opportunities for Latinos to succeed.

But Latino voters aren’t waiting until Election Day for action on the economy. Ninety-one percent of the voters polled think it’s important for Congress to support tax credits for working families and 66% would be less likely to vote for a candidate who lowered taxes for businesses but didn’t help families. As Congress works out a year-end deal on taxes, on the table are provisions of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, which keep millions of Hispanic families out of poverty. If Congress fails to act, five million Latino working families stand to lose an average of $1,000 each in tax credits.

The poll shows lawmakers how to cultivate support among Latinos by including tax credits for families in upcoming tax deals. However, 71% of voters oppose candidates who seek to advance economic policies at the expense of immigrants and Latino children. The bottom line is that Latino voters are closely monitoring how political leaders treat our community in upcoming policy decisions.