This new educational video series includes fun and affordable games for parents of elementary students to play at home with their children. Watch the videos and view the supplementary materials, including a workshop agenda and handouts in English and Spanish.

Introduction to Educational Tools
We are proud to work with NCLR Affiliate Conexión Américas, who produced these educational materials!

Egg Carton Game
A fun way to practice arithmetic with your child!

What's that Number?
This game promotes math skills for students in Pre-K through fifth grade in an easy format that can be made harder or easier as they learn.

What a Mess
Parents can work with their children on identifying letters, word combination, and language arts skills.

Drawing Letters
A great way to help students identify common words on sight, work on their spelling, recognize letter order, and have fun making puzzles.

More in Education
See our work to ensure Latino students and English language learners receive an education equal to their peers.