We promote health-conscious shopping, smart food choices, and cost-saving strategies in the Latino community.

Comprando Rico y Sano

Who we are

Under the Comprando Rico y Sano program, promotores de salud (community health workers) conduct charlas (small educational sessions), grocery store tours, and cooking demonstrations to promote health-conscious shopping, smart food choices, and cost-saving strategies, as well as educate and enroll eligible Latinos into the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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INFOGRAPHIC: How SNAP Benefits Our Families and the Economy

Over the past five years, the program has been implemented in more than 30 communities nationwide, nearly 40,000 Latinos have been enrolled in SNAP, 200,000 individuals have received face-to-face nutrition education, and close to five million people have been reached via traditional and social media.

Comprando Rico y Sano is possible thanks to support from the Walmart Foundation.

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What we do

- Federal food assistance programs are effective at reducing hunger in Latino and other minority communities. That is why we work to enroll eligible Latinos in SNAP.

SNAP provides additional resources to families for food spending, with the goal of improving the quantity and quality of food that they buy. Participation in the program is linked to increases in food security and improved nutritional outcomes for children.

- Busy schedules sometimes lead us to choose unhealthy options such as fast food, but making healthy food choices is possible while on a limited budget and tight schedule. Your family can eat nutritious, quick, and affordable meals at home.

- Our nutritional habits today affect our health tomorrow. Educate yourself on health risks and how you can take steps to avoid cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other debilitating illnesses.

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Elizabeth Carrillo
Program Manager, Institute for Hispanic Health

Alejandra Gepp
Associate Director, Institute for Hispanic Health

Phone: (202) 785-1670