Housing and financial empowerment

Latinos have contributed to America’s economy for generations. Good policies can unleash the power of our communities and benefit all Americans.

Latinos are a vital part of the U.S. economy

Our policies will help Latinos achieve equity.

Latinos have experienced disproportionate harm to both their lives and livelihoods as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has worsened preexisting disparities in income and wealth.

We build solutions to decrease income inequality, advocate for better access to affordable homeownership, and promote policies to lift more Latinos out of poverty.

We firmly believe that when we open doors for more people to participate in our economy, we can all do better.

Did you know?



In the next 20 years, 70% of new homeowners will be Hispanic.


The labor force participation rate of Latinos, among the highest of any race or ethnicity.


On average, Hispanic women earn 55 cents on the dollar compared to White men.


As of 2019, the typical White family had five times the wealth as the typical Hispanic family.

Building assets

We work hard to create financial opportunities for Latinos.

We advocate for increased access to tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, including expanding access to all children, regardless of immigration status, as a way to reduce poverty.

Increasing access to homeownership

We help Latinos access affordable homes.

We lead the largest network of community-based nonprofit organizations dedicated to creating new Latino homeowners, and advocate for policies that allow more Latinos to afford to buy a home.

Developing the Latino workforce

We give Latinos the tools they need to succeed in the workplace.

Our workforce development programs strengthen communities by increasing pathways for Latino workers to improve their educations and skills, connecting youth with meaningful employment, and expanding opportunities for bilingual workers. We also promote robust workforce policies to ensure an equal footing for all workers.

Center for Changing Lives

Paid Sick Leave for Economic Security

Too many Latinos are forced to choose between their jobs and their health. Paid sick days legislation would help millions of working people, including Latinos.

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