UnidosUS and Rework America Alliance

Unlocking Job Progressions

The Rework America Initiative has at its core identifying ways to realize the potential of the more than 5.8M workers from low-wage roles currently unemployed and without a college degree. Central to unlocking sustainable job progression is the origin-to-gateway-to-target framework, a skills-based methodology designed to provide actionable steps that support job seekers as they return to the labor force accepting better roles and build sustainable career trajectories.

Rework America Alliance

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24 percent drop

Hispanic women fell the deepest into unemployment at the peak of job losses in 2020, going from 12.4 million employed workers in February 2020 to 9.4 million in April of the same year

75 percent

of organizations surveyed indicated that at least 1 tool from Markle Foundation would be beneficial.


About two-thirds of American workers have not completed a four-year degree, 80% of which are Latinx workers. Yet companies have traditionally placed weight into requiring a four-year college degree as a reliable screening method for good-paying jobs.

70 percent

of organizations surveyed by UnidosUS reported a higher demand for workforce development services over the last year and a half.

The Basics

UnidosUS Partnership with the Markle Foundation

Rework America Alliance’s goal is to advance opportunities for millions of unemployed and low wage workers by opening opportunities for people of color and helping those with built capabilities through experience but without a bachelor’s degree. Their work will focus on:

  • Identifying and sharing promising, relevant job progressions 
  • Identifying and sharing high-quality training programs 
  • Sharing tools and training resources to help career coaches and other support specialists connect job seekers to good jobs 
  • Driving the adoption of inclusive sourcing and hiring practices 

Providing these tools and trainings, Rework America Alliance will help unemployed and low-wage workers move into good jobs, creating a more inclusive economic recovery. 

UnidosUS joins this initiative by the Markle Foundation to impact Latinx job seekers. This is a partnership between civil rights organizations, nonprofits, private sector employers, labor unions, educators, and others, including the UnidosUS Affiliate Network.

RAA Employer Tool Demonstration

The Employer Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for employers when shifting to a skills-based approach for their job sourcing, postings, and hiring processes. This video provides a deeper dive into the functionality of three Rework America Alliance employer tools in particular, including the Job Posting Generator, the Sourcing & Hiring “Quick Start” Playbook, and the Job Specific Hiring Toolkit.

  • Job Posting Generator (go to minute 10:55 – 18:18)
  • Sourcing & Hiring “Quick Start” Playbook (go to minute 18:18 – 22:18)
  • Job Specific Hiring Toolkit (go to minute 22:23 – 25:58)

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