These young people are saying “no” to the Trump administration’s immigration policies

President Trump’s first executive order on immigration and the draft enforcement memos signed by Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly have put a target on the back of immigrants and all Latinos. The memos make clear that all undocumented people are considered priorities for enforcement.

As President Donald Trump gives his first address to Congress tonight, there are brave young people who are standing up to these harmful policies. They are taking a stand and unafraid to speak out, despite being victimized by these executive orders.

Astrid Silva | NCLRAstrid Silva (pictured), a DREAMer and activist, will be giving the Spanish-language response to Trump’s address. Silva is a DACA recipient who became an advocate for immigration reform after her undocumented status prevented her from attending her grandmother’s funeral in Mexico.

Silva also has a U.S.-citizen brother, who like more than six million citizens around the country, lives in a mixed-status household that could be torn apart because of Trump’s policies. And while the president has not moved to repeal DACA, Silva and her brother, like many other siblings, are in danger of being separated.

Earlier today, Rep. Ruben Gallego and Rep. Raul Grijalva, both from Arizona, held a press conference with the children of Lupita García de Rayos, who was deported earlier this month after appearing at a regularly scheduled check-in with immigration enforcement agents. Both Angel and JacquelineGarcía de Rayos will be special guests of Rep. Gallego and Rep. Grijalva.

Our government has declared war on our community. But we will do everything in our power to protect and defend our community in the face of these unconscionable assault on our civil rights.


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