A Day Without Immigrants

Businesses large and small stand for protecting and defending immigrant communities

Day Without Immigrants | NCLRFrom left: Jawad and Leo of City Place Cafe in Washington DC support Thursday's A Day Without Immigrants activities.

February 16, 2017

Restaurateur and chef José Andrés made headlines this week when he announced that he would be closing some of his DC-area restaurants—Oyamel, Jaleo, and Zaytinya—for a day.

February 16 this year is a “Day Without Immigrants,” and throughout DC and the rest of the country, businesses are closing for the day, immigrants have pledged not to spend any money, and some students have decided to stay home from school.

The object of the day of solidarity is to demonstrate the everyday, essential contributions that immigrants make to their communities.

“We can accomplish a lot together by working together, and there’s no room for discrimination or hatred.”

However, the action has not just been supported by large businesses and famous restaurant owners.

Jawad, an immigrant from Morocco, worked hard to start City Place Café, a small breakfast and lunch counter in Washington, DC. At his café, he employs several Latino workers, who supported striking on the Day Without Immigrants. He emphasized the responsibility that a business owner has to listen to the concerns of his employees.

“We can accomplish a lot together by working together, and there’s no room for discrimination or hatred,” he said.

One of Jawad’s employees, Leo, spoke about the support that they have received when they told their customers that they would be closing for the Day Without Immigrants.

“Our customers have supported us, and have told us that they will march if they have to,” Leo said.

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