Know your rights

Regardless of their immigration status, all people in the U.S. have certain rights and protections provided by the Constitution. Advocates and the general public can use and share these resources to ensure these rights are asserted and respected.

No importa su estado migratorio, toda persona en los Estados Unidos goza de ciertos derechos y protecciones garantizados por la Constitución. Defensores de los derechos de inmigrantes y el público en general puede utilizar y compartir estos recursos para hacer valer estos derechos.

For Unidos US Affiliates and organizations

For individuals and organizations | Para individuos y organizaciones

Immigration raids | Qué hacer en caso de redadas

United We Dream | NCLR
United We Dream | NCLR

Red Cards | Tarjetas rojas

The red cards below provide vital information for how to assert Constitutional rights. Source: ILRC

Estas tarjetas proveen información vital para ejercer derechos constitucionales. Fuente: ILRC

Red Cards | NCLR

Fact Sheets

Report Hate Incidents and Bullying

If you or a member of your community has been a victim or witnessed an incident of hate or intimidation, please report it here:

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