Since 2008, we have registered and mobilized over 700,000 voters.

Since 2008, UnidosUS has been as a leading expert on the Latino vote. Thanks to our voter registration efforts, policy expertise, strong outreach programs, and network of community-based Affiliate organizations, we analyze and activate the power of the Latino vote.

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Our latest work

- New interactive tool: National Survey of the Latino Electorate
- PDF: The State of the Latino Vote Going Into 2020
- Press Release: UnidosUS Unveils its 2020 Latino Empowerment Campaign "¡Adelante!"

Our Latino vote experts


Clarissa Martinez
Deputy Vice President
Policy and Advocacy

Jared Nordlund | UnidosUS

Jared Nordlund
Senior Strategist
Civic Engagement


Janet Hernandez
Senior Project Manager
Civic Engagement

Our polls, publications, and programs


Outlines the policies we want from candidates that would improve opportunities for Latinos.


Primary data about which issues matter most, and what Latinos want to hear from candidates.


Since 2008 we have registered nearly 700,000 new voters through our programs and campaigns.


We foster civics in schools with our High School Democracy Project.