Since 2008, we have registered and mobilized over 700,000 voters.

Latino vote 2020

The Hispanic community is poised to become the largest minority group of voters in 2020 and will play a key role in 23 electoral races across the country this year. Over the last decade, UnidosUS has registered more than 700,000 voters, and this year we plan to register 120,000 new Hispanic voters and reach more than 350,000 voters through our get out the vote activities.

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Our Latino vote experts

  • Jared Nordlund, Senior Strategist for Civic Engagement | Bio
  • Clarissa Martinez, Deputy Vice President of Policy and Advocacy | Bio
  • Eric Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy | Bio

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Our Latest Work


This document shows the top concerns of Latino voters across economic issues, immigration, health, and education, and reflects our vision for how candidates must address them.


This interactive tool explores historical data on Latino voters from 2006 to today. The data includes tracking of Hispanic sentiment about the political parties, Hispanic voter issue priorities, and qualities Latinos want from presidential candidates.


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