Our 2020 Platform

Top Latino Voter Issue Areas

Going into the 2020 election, Latino voters’ top issues include jobs and health care, per our latest research. An estimated 14 million Latinos are set to vote in November with these everyday issues affecting their families on their minds.

The UnidosUS 2020 Platform reflects Latinos’ vision for the nation in areas that are crucial for the well-being of all Americans. Through the lens of our key issue areas of health, education, immigration and economic empowerment, UnidosUS and our community-based Affiliates are working on policies and proposals to move the country forward. 


Economic issues should be at the forefront of any candidate’s campaign, and their plans to continue strengthening the economy should specifically include strategies to close gaps between Latinos’ economic position and those of other groups.


Our leaders must commit to delivering immigration reform that simultaneously restores the rule of law by creating a roadmap to legalization and citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans, and promoting smart enforcement that improves safety, supports legal immigration channels, and prevents discrimination.


Ensuring Latinos have the building blocks to good health, such as affordable, quality health coverage and care, good nutrition, and positive social and emotional support will ensure that our community and our country can be healthy and reach its full potential.


Within the next decade Latino youth will account for one-third of all students. If we can ensure schools are receiving resources to support the students with the highest needs, and are held accountable for the success of all students, our vision of a strong, diverse America will be achieved within a generation.

Check out our list of experts across our core platforms who are available for comment.

You can read our full issues platform by clicking on the PDF below.

2020 Issues Platform