Our Research

July 2020

  • We outline the challenges facing Latinos and provides tangible recommendations to help our country tap the strength of one of our greatest national assets: America’s diversity.

July 2020

  • This brief, the first of a three-part series, takes a closer look at the makeup, distribution, and participation trends of the Latino electorate, as well as its potential impact in select races.

May 2020

  • Read our latest report with key findings on how Covid-19 has impacted the Latino community in particular. 

UnidosUS boasts five decades of experience leading research efforts on the Latino vote and the issue areas that Latinos prioritize at the ballot box. Through our expert analysis and insightful data, we are able to provide a closer look at what Latinos want to see from candidates and the policies that they’ll get behind.

Our Latino vote research heading into the 2020 election is highlighted below through several recent polls and state fact sheets that can help paint a clearer picture of Latino voters going into November.

These national polls offer a glimpse of what issues are most likely to motivate Latino voters and what qualities they are looking for in their candidates in the run up to the 2020 election.

UnidosUS 2020 Latino Voters Poll 

Feb. 2020

  • The national poll of 1,000 registered Latino voters conducted for UnidosUS by Lake Research Partners found that 88 percent of those polled are motivated to vote in the 2020 general election.

The State of the Latino Vote Going into 2020

Nov. 2019

  • Latinos are expected to have a historic impact on national and state elections in 2020. This poll, conducted by Latino Decisions, concludes that Latinos will play a decisive role in at least 23 of the most competitive 2020 House races. Latino voters are surveyed on the factors that most influence their issue priorities and the traits they most want to see from candidates, among other questions.

National Latino Electorate Survey

Aug. 2019

  • The poll, conducted by Latino Decisions, takes an in-depth look into what Latino voters are looking for in a potential presidential candidate, what their issue priorities are, and what concerns them within the top issue areas identified.

Our state analyses

Our fact sheets and surveys dig into some of the states with a significant Latino voting population by giving a closer look at voter characteristics on the state level.





UnidosUS Policy Priorities for the 2020 Election

Here we outline our priority issues and give voice to the hopes and dreams of the nearly 59 million Latinos who call this country home as we near an important 2020 election cycle.


The Strength of the Latino Vote: A Policy Brief Special Series

This trio of briefs provides an in-depth profile of Latino voting power. Through data-rich analysis, these briefs go beyond polling to offer a detailed look at the Latino vote across the United States, including its variations, geographic hot spots, and areas of greatest potential growth.